Our Story

From working as a tradesman in the steel fabrication industry, to working with leather, framing homes, and serving in the US Army. These various facets of my life experience have led to developing an a canny level of attention to detail, accuracy, and quality.
My journey with leather began with getting hired at a local shoe repair shop nearly a decade ago. I was buying a new pair of work boots and noticed the shop. I was instantly intrigued! It took me awhile, but my persistence did pay off, and from the moment I got hired I was in love. I was trained by some of the finest craftsmen in the south, and I loved every minute of it!
Was it that old German machinery, the autosolers and stitchers? Was it the inviting scent of all of that leather? Maybe it was the satisfaction of repairing items ranging from exotic skin boots, to vintage Louis Vuitton handbags, and crafting new items that pleased the good people that came to us.
I honestly think it is a mixture of all of those things. My love and infatuation with leather hasn’t gone away, and over time, frankly, I have grown increasingly frustrated with the noticeable decline in what we are offered in the current market.
Years ago, you could invest in an expensive leather bag or other small item, and you could expect that item to last at least a lifetime. They were made with traditional craftsmanship, and with exquisite materials.
Fast forward to today’s climate and while luxury brands and other big brands have continued to increase prices, the quality of their products have consistently declined, dramatically. Inferior materials, such as vinyl and “genuine leather” are being used, and inferior, heavily automated processes are also being used. This results in a product of much lower quality.
To us at Blair Leather Company our concept is super simple. High quality products begin with high quality materials, like real full grain leather and the best threads and hardware. We also believe that leather goods should be made in small batches using traditional craftsmanship. This ensures that each piece meets our high standards, every time, and will last everyone a lifetime.